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Experiences are more valuable than things almost every time.
My area of expertise is in Human Computer Interaction (HCI, UX design, UI), in software system architectures, and in front end engineering (JavaScript). I have been a principle scientist, technical lead, system architect, prototyper, designer, and front-end engineer.

My Ph.D. is a blend of psychology (Visual Perception) and computer science (real-time 3D rendering). I built the first VR system at UVa. and then used the platform to conduct and publish visual perception studies.

I have worked in top research and engineering industries. This includes engineering at a successful start-up, participating as a principle scientist at NASA on a Mars mission, and being a senior researcher and tech lead at Google, including working in [X].

I have designed, led, and implemented systems across a wide range of domains, including interactive 3D graphics (VR, AR, Glass, information visualization), mobile platforms, television, travel, retail, advertising, and large scale, multi-person, interactive, public displays.
I like leading small teams and am interested in developing:
Outside of work I like to explore and hike, am improving my photography skills, and am always tinkering.
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